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  • Luruazino?bnda 'resCasas ° -Cazapanaidbi ?,,, Crato Pedrq__ o Boa Esperanza' ogo .'
  • The rivers of the state include a number of small plateau streams flowing southward to the Sao Francisco River, and several large streams in the eastern part flowing eastward to the Atlantic. The former are the Moxoto, Ema, Pajehu, Terra Nova, Brigida, Boa Vista and Pontai, and are dry channels the greater part of the year.
  • The capital of the state is GoYAz, or Villa-Boa de Goyaz, a mining town on the Rio Vermelho, a tributary of the Araguaya rising on the northern slopes of the Serra de Santa Rita.
  • There is one enormous boa, the maja (Epicrates angulifer), which feeds on pigs, goats and the like, but does not molest man.
  • Thus to obtain the resultant of aox 3 +a i x 2 +a 2 x+a 3, 4, =box2+bix+b2 we assume the identity (Box+Bi)(aox 3 +aix 2 +a2x+a3) = (Aox 2 +Aix+ A 2) (box2+bix+b2), and derive the linear equations Boa ° - Ac b o = 0, Boa t +B i ao - A 0 b 1 - A 1 bo =0, Boa t +B 1 a 1 - A0b2 - A1b1-A2b° = 0, Boa3+Bla2 - A l b 2 -A 2 b 1 =0, B 1 a 3 - A 2 b 2 =0, = = (y l, y2,...ynl `x1, x2,...xnl for brevity.

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