Sentence Examples

  • A corps of specialists - Boas, Dall, Dorsey, Gatschet, Hewitt, Mooney, Pilling, J.
  • (Consult the works of Boas, Dixon, G.
  • The religious concep tions of the fishing tribes on the Pacific coast between Mount St Elias and the Columbia river are worked out by Boas; the transformation from the hunting to the agricultural mode of life was accompanied by changes in belief and worship quite as radical.
  • Bandelier, Papers on the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico (see Papers of the Archaeological Institute of America, 1881, 1890, 1892); also loth, 11th, 12th Reports Peabody Museum; Franz Boas, The Central Eskimo (6th Rep. Bur.
  • On the other hand, Boas and Pelseneer have shown that the Pteropoda have nothing to do with the Cephalopoda, but are Gastropoda modified for a pelagic life; they are therefore now united with the Gastropoda.

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