Sentence Examples

  • Rose Selection Rugosa) - It is a long and persistent bloomer, and reaches the zenith of its beauty when the secondary flowers come with the glowing orange and red fruits that have succeeded the first flowers.
  • A profuse bloomer, Chuck Hayes gardenia tolerates temperatures slightly cooler than Kleim's Hardy and is reported to produce nearly triple the amount of flowers as Kleim's Hardy.
  • The flowers are said to be minute and inconspicuous, but the shrub is not apparently a free bloomer, as a specimen that has grown at Kingswear, S.
  • If your "bloomer" style underwear has a high waist, it may show over the top of your skirt, especially if your top is a midriff-baring style.
  • It can be awkward being the only girl in class who doesn't "need" a bra because she's a late bloomer.