Sentence Examples

  • The crystals possess a perfect cleavage parallel to the plane of symmetry and are usually bladed, in habit; they are soft (H= 2), flexible and sectile.
  • A sharp-pointed planting stick, a wooden shovel, and a bronze-bladed hoe called a coati were the simple implements.
  • Myres, the Sigynnae of Herodotus were "a people widely spread in the Danubic basin in the 5th century B.C.," probably identical with the Sequani, and connected with the iron-working culture of Hallstatt, which produced a narrow-bladed throwing spear, the sigynna spear (see notice of "Anthropological Essays" in Classical Review, November 1908).
  • They use a stabbing spear, small throwing spears, and a broad-bladed short sword.
  • The labourers being barefooted, a spade is useless, so a "khodalee" or hoe (much like a very heavy and long-bladed garden Dutch hoe) is used.

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