Sentence Examples

  • Others are biennials producing a number of leaves on a very short stem in the first year, and in the second sending up a flowering shoot at the expense of the nourishment stored in the thick tap-root during the previous season.
  • The number of biennials is not large, but a few very desirable garden plants, such as the following, occur amongst them: Agrostemma coronaria (Rose Campion): hardy, I ft., bright rose-purple or rose and white.
  • Dianthus chinensis (Indian Pink): half-hardy, I ft., various; flower earlier if treated as biennials; must be protected from frost.
  • In the last week, sow hardy annuals in the borders, with biennials that flower the first season, as also perennials.
  • Transplant strong plants of biennials and perennials to their final situations; also the select plants used for spring bedding.

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