Sentence Examples

  • Another page informed her that the opaque green berries on the thorny vines were gooseberries.
  • Tamus communis, Asparagus, Lonscera, berries of Solaneae, flowers of Cacalici coccinea, Tropaeolum.
  • The manakins are peculiar to the Neotropical Region and have many of the habits of the titmouse family (Paridae), living in deep forests, associating in small bands, and keeping continually in motion, but feeding almost wholly on the large soft berries of the different kinds of Melastoma.
  • Shoots, flowers and berries form the food of the indri, which was first discovered by the French traveller and naturalist Pierre Sonnerat in 1780.
  • When they are in flower, and onwards during the swelling of the berries, 85° may be taken as a maximum, running up to 90° with sun heat and the temperature may be lowered somewhat when the fruit is ripe.

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