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  • A wonderful series of these forms occurs in southern Utah, where in passing northward from the Carboniferous platform one ascends in succession the Vermilion Cliffs (Triassic sandstones), the ViThite Cliffs (Jurassic sandstones, of remarkably cross-bedded structure, interpreted the dunes of an ancient desert), and finally the Pink Cliffs (Eocene strata of fluviatile and lacustrine origin) of the high, forested plateaus.
  • Using the extra sand, they made fortifications and bedded down for the night behind them.
  • Molly was already bedded down for the night.
  • In spite of gaining two hours with the time change, it was still late when the cross-coun­try travelers finally bedded down in a quiet motel in Golden, Colorado, after a shared ride from the Denver airport.
  • In some cases this individualization is carried ftirther, the cortex and pith becoming continuous between the bundles which appear as isolated strands em- Aberrant bedded in a general \, L.~/ ~ Typesof ground-tissue.

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