Sentence Examples

  • The last detachments to quit the trenches moved off simultaneously all along the front at 1 r :45 P.M., without the enemy noticing their departure, and they were embarked successfully at " V " and " W " beaches according to schedule in spite of the heavy seas.
  • As these lakes shrank after the return of an arid climate, they left elevated beaches and deposits of various minerals, which mark their former extent.
  • In post-Glacial times, a subsidence admitted the sea into the Lagan valley and across the eastern shore in several places; but elevation, in the days of early human occupation, brought these last marine deposits to light, and raised the beaches and shore-terraces some 10 to 20 ft.
  • The beaches and lower lands are covered with a dense growth of tussock grass (Spartina arundinacea), 8 to 10 ft.
  • The island is of volcanic origin; the only signs of upheaval are raised limestone beaches in the extreme N.

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