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  • Dionysius was also the author of several rhetorical treatises, in which he shows that he has thoroughly studied the best Attic models: The Art of Rhetoric (which is rather a collection of essays on the theory of rhetoric), incomplete, and certainly not all his work; The Arrangement of Words (IIEpi 6uv%o-Ews ovo,uarwv), treating of the combination of words according to the different styles of oratory; On Imitation (Ilepi Au170 Ews), on the best models in the different kinds of literature and the way in which they are to be imitated - a fragmentary work; Commentaries on the Attic Orators (IIEpi T(AV apXalwv prtrOpwv inro j j anopoi), which, however, only deal with Lysias, Isaeus, Isocrates and (by way of supplement) Dinarchus; On the admirable Style of Demosthenes (IIEpi Anyoa8 'ous b€t)orrlros); and On the Character of Thucydides (Hepi Tou Oovevbibov a detailed but on the whole an unfair estimate.
  • 164.) Substituting this value of p in (27) I.H.P. _ (c av (29) 550 the form of which indicates that there is a certain piston speed for which the I.H.P. is a maximum.
  • Procopius says that they were far more civilized than the Huns of Attila, and the Turkish ambassador who was received by Justin is said to have described them as av-rucoi, which may merely mean that they lived in the cities which they conquered.
  • Similarly, for the order 3, we take 1 v Ab= -v 1 A =1 +x2 + 1, 2 + � - A 1 and the adjoint is 1+A v +A� -� +Av -v +A� 1+11 2 A +/-tv pt+AvA +�v 1 +1,2 leading to the orthogonal substitution Abx1 = (1 +A 2 - / 22 - v 2) X l +2(v+A�)X2 +2(/1 +Av)X3 1bx2 = 2(A� - v)Xl+(1 +�2 - A2 - v2)X2 / +2(Fiv+A)X3 Abx3 = 2(Av +�)X1 +2(/lv-A)X2+(1+v2-A2- (12)X3.
  • From the series for G and H just obtained it is easy to verify that dH = - 7rvG, dv av - dG _ 7rvH -1.

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