Sentence Examples

  • During the minority of Ladislas, son of Albert, who was born after his father's death, Bohemia was divided into two parties - the Romanist or Austrian one, led by Ulrich von Rosenberg (1403-1462), and the national one, led by Podébrad.
  • He was continually devising plans for the better government of Austria, and although they ended in failure, he established the unity of the Austrian dominions.
  • Owing to the poverty of the people, cheap Austrian goods find a readier sale than the more expensive and solid British manufactures.
  • The maritime traffic is largely conducted by the steamers of the subsidized Austrian-Lloyd company, Trieste being the principal commercial centre; the coasting trade is carried on by small Greek and Turkish sailing vessels.
  • At Scutari a college and a seminary are maintained by the Jesuits, with the aid of the Austrian government; the Franciscans have several primary schools, and three lay schools are supported by the Italian government; in all these institutions Italian is the language of instruction.

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