Sentence Examples

  • Physically wet but physiologically dry ha bit ats,f with the accompanying plant communities of fens, moors, and salt marshes.
  • 13 the verse is cited, but reading dirar-ats ("deceits") for ay6 rats, and the oldest MSS.
  • After this, it can never be said that the earlier books of the Eudemian Ethics are so good a preparation as those of the Nicomachean Ethics for the distinction between prudence (Opov j ats) and wisdom (a001a), which is the main point of the common books, and one of Aristotle's main points against Plato's philosophy.
  • Nor are we much wiser in respect of those duc nitive tribal gods that are represented on the oldest monu- his ats in animal form.
  • Then rahd); at the end of every word it behaves like ts, that is to say, changes.into u (preu, p, r e t i u m); instead of ts the second person plural of the verba t(i)s, e t(i)s, it(i)snow has au, eu, ia after having had ats, els its..