Sentence Examples

  • Jeff erys's West Indian and American Atlases (1 775, 1 77 8).
  • And 2 atlases, Washington, 1877-1879); and Reports of the U.S. Geological Survey (since 1880): (I) Monographs on special topics and areas, about 50 in number; (2) Professional Papersmonographic treatment of somewhat smaller areas and lesser topics, about 60 in number; (3) Bulletins, between 300 and 400 in number; and (4) Annual Reports (previous to 1903) containing many papers of importance, of the sort now published as Professional Papers.
  • By 1653 this firm had already produced atlases including 451 charts.
  • Van Keulen, whose atlases were published between 1681 and 1722.
  • The titles of these atlases survive, though the authors of the original editions are long dead, and the maps have been repeatedly superseded by others bringing the information up to the date of publication.