Sentence Examples

  • Sample containing 25% of nickel no appreciable change was detected; others containing larger percentages, and tested in fields up to 2000, all exhibited elongation, which tended to an asymptotic value as the field was increased.
  • The origin of co-ordinates 0 corresponds to v = 0; and the asymptotic points J, J', round which the curve revolves in an ever-closing spiral, correspond to v= =co .
  • X The involute of the catenary is called the tractory, tractrix or antifriction curve; it has a cusp at the vertex of the catenary, and is asymptotic to the directrix.
  • The curve is symmetrical about the line x = y, and consists of two infinite branches asymptotic to the line x+y+a = o and a loop in the first quadrant.
  • Its equation is xy=ax 3 -{-bx 2 +-cx-l-d, and it consists of two legs asymptotic to the axis of y and two parabolic legs (fig.

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