Sentence Examples

  • Up to 80 percent of female adults and adolescents with inclusion conjunctivitis are asymptomatic, and almost half of those with adult inclusion conjunctivitis do not have a systemic infection of chlamydia.
  • Rates of chlamydia reported by gender indicate that women, overall, have higher rates than men due in large part to increased efforts in screening women for asymptomatic chlamydial infections.
  • Another study, of 42 perinatally HIV-infected children who survived beyond nine years of age, found about one-quarter of the children to be asymptomatic with relatively intact immune systems.
  • In asymptomatic children with COA, the descending aorta receives left ventricle blood through the ascending aorta; these children have fewer, if any, associated cardiac abnormalities.
  • Asymptomatic-Persons who carry a disease and are usually capable of transmitting the disease but who do not exhibit symptoms of the disease are said to be asymptomatic.