Sentence Examples

  • The area of the loop, which equals the area between the curve and its asymptote, is 3a/2.
  • The area between the curve and its asymptote is 37ra 2, i.e.
  • At infinity U = -me a cos (i = a m b oos (3, V= -me a sin 1 3 - C7,1 sin 0, (9) a and b denoting the semi-axes of the ellipse a; so that the liquid is streaming at infinity with velocity Q = m/(a+b) in the direction of the asymptote of the hyperbola (3.
  • A relation which is of historical interest connects the logarithmic function with the quadrature of the hyperbola, for, by considering the equation of the hyperbola in the form xy=const., it is evident that the area included between the arc of a hyperbola, its nearest asymptote, and two ordinates drawn parallel to the other asymptote from points on the first asymptote distant a and b from their point of intersection, is proportional to log bla.
  • If A, B have opposite signs the form is au = sinh mO, (24) this has an asymptote parallel to 0=0, but the path near the origin has the same general form as in the case of (23).

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