Sentence Examples

  • Taking this ideal limit as a theoretical or absolute zero, the value of H may be represented on the diagram by the whole area included between the two adiabatics BAZ, CDZ' down to the points where they intersect the isothermal of absolute zero, or the zero isopiestic OV asymptotically at infinity.
  • Finally, it is on the whole in keeping with Mill's presuppositions to admit even in the case of the method of difference that in practice it is approximative and instructive, while the theoretical formula, to which it aims at approaching asymptotically as limit, if exact, is in some sense sterile.
  • This shows that the velocity ii will send asymptotically to a certain limit V (called the terminal velocity) such that kVf = g.
  • This may be described as a simple harmonic oscillation whose amplitude diminishes asymptotically to zero according to the law ehlr.
  • If A, B have the same sign, this is equivalent to au = cosh mO, (23) if the origin of 0 be suitably adjusted; hence r has a maximum value a, and the particle ultimately approaches the pole asymptotically by an infinite number of convolutions.

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