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  • Airy, the astronomer, corrected his own astigmatism by means of a cylindrical lens.
  • The correction of astigmatism is in many cases a matter of considerable difficulty, but the results to vision almost always reward the trouble.
  • The aberrations of the third order are: (1) aberration of the axis point; (2) aberration of points whose distance from the Aberra- axis is very small, less than of the third order - the tions of deviation from the sine condition and coma here fall together in one class; (3) astigmatism; (4) curvature of the field; (5) distortion.
  • These anastigmatic lenses, which are manufactured up to X 40, are chromatically and spherically corrected, and for a middle diaphragm the errors of lateral pencils, distortion, astigmatism and coma are eliminated.
  • If measures are made by placing the image of a star in the centre of the disk of a planet, the observer may have a tendency to do so systematically in error from some acquired habit or from natural astigmatism of the eye.

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