Sentence Examples

  • 3 If the beasts can properly be said to see at all, " they see as we do when our mind is distracted and keenly applied elsewhere; the images of outward objects paint themselves on the retina, and possibly even the impressions made in the optic nerves determine our limbs to different movements, but we feel nothing of it all, and move as if we were automata."
  • Those of any other burrowing mammal, the retina being reduced to a mass of simple cells, and the cornea and sclerotic ("white") to a pearshaped fibrous capsule enclosing a ball of pigment.
  • The retina is more enriched with DHA than any other tissue in the human body as it naturally accumulates here.
  • Eye to the future Automated scanning of the retina could help doctors spot the danger signs of diabetes and a host of other orders.
  • Within the field of vision, all people have a blind spot on the retina of the eye which cannot receive visual images.

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