Sentence Examples

  • "Mostly Arabian," he said, shifting his attention to Carmen.
  • It is usually regarded as the Chretes or Chremetes of Hanno, and the Nachyris and Bambotus of the Greeks and Romans, but it is not possible definitely to identify it with any of the rivers on Ptolemy's map. Idrisi and other medieval Arabian geographers undoubtedly refer to it.
  • IBN FARID [Abu-l-Qasim `Umar ibn ul-Farid] (1181-1235), Arabian poet, was born in Cairo, lived for some time in Mecca and died in Cairo.
  • A general formula by which these numbers could be derived was invented by the Arabian astronomer Tobit ben Korra (836-901): if p = 3.2 m - I, q= 3.2 m - 1 - 1 and r = 9.2 2m - 1 - I, where m is an integer and p,q,r prime numbers, then 2 m pq and 2 m r are a pair of amicable numbers.
  • He carefully establishes the necessity of revelation as a source of knowledge, not merely because it aids us in comprehending in a somewhat better way the truths already furnished by reason, as some of the Arabian philosophers and Maimonides had acknowledged, but because it is the absolute source of our knowledge of the mysteries of the Christian faith; and then he lays down the relations to be observed between reason and revelation, between philosophy and theology.

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