Sentence Examples

  • Log., App. C.
  • Ii., c. 1921-1928 (1901); Stevenson, "The Interpretation of Habakkuk," in The Expositor (1902), pp. 388-401; Peake, The Problem of Suffering in the Old Testament (1904), pp. 4-11 and app. A, "Recent Criticism of Habakkuk"; Marti, Dodekapropheton (K.
  • +al pxp = 0, a21x1 +a22x2 + � � � +a2pxp = 0, aplxl+ap2x2+...+appxp = 0, be the system the condition is, in determinant form, ( = 0; in fact the determinant is the resultant of the equations.
  • The second mode of production of combination tones, by the mechanism of the receiver, is discussed by Helmholtz (Sensations of Tone, App. xii.) and Rayleigh (Sound, i.
  • During the 3rd century B.C. Egypt was the greatest sea power of the eastern Mediterranean, and maintained a large fleet (the figures in App. Prooem, to are not trustworthy, see Beloch III.

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