Sentence Examples

  • (a) The origin of Apocalyptic is to be sought in unfulfilled prophecy.
  • But now as we enter the Greek period (320 B.C. and onwards) there is a gradual change from prophecy to apocalyptic. " It may be asserted in general terms that whereas prophecy foretells a definite future which has its foundation in the present, apoca lyptic directs its anticipations solely and simply to the future, to a new world-period which stands sharply contrasted with the present.
  • Clearly bear the apocalyptic character; so also Isa.
  • Apocalyptic, as Baldensperger has shown, formed a counterpoise to the normal current of conformity to law.
  • Persian influence is also responsible for the vast multiplication of good spirits or angels, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, &c., who play their part in apocalyptic works, such as the Book of Daniel and the Book of Enoch.