Sentence Examples

  • The sexual reproduction shows all transitions between forms which are normally sexual, like the Peronosporaceae, to forms in which no antheridium is developed and the oospheres develop parthenogenetically.
  • In the light of our present knowledge of Ginkgo and the Cycads, there can scarcely be a doubt that spermatozoids were formed in the cells of the antheridium of the Cordaitean pollen-grain and that of other Palaeozoic Spermophyta; the an theridium is much more developed than in any recent Gymnosperm, and it may be doubted whether any pollen-tube was formed.
  • B, Empty antheridium; p, prothallial cell; I, 2, cells of antheridial walls; 3, cap cell.
  • Fertilization is effected by the passive convection of a spermatium from the antheridium to the trichogyne, to which it adheres, and to which it passes over its nucleus through an open communication set up at the point of contact.
  • ..Bangiaceae - Eti Florideae Eugleneae Chi Iromonadinae Pleurococcaceae - Endosphaeraceae Volvocaceae hlorosphaeraceae � CoNJuGA'rAE, Siphonales Tetrasporaceao Ulvaceae Confdyvaleb Characeae in the culminating stage of Fucus, where the oogonium is separated from the stalk-cell, so that unless it be contended that the Fucus is really a sporophyte which does not produce spores, and that the gametophyte is represented merely by the oogonium and antheridium, there is no semblance of alternation of generation in this case.

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