Sentence Examples

  • In addition, you might consider angling your camera so that only certain female body parts, such as her legs, hips or torso are snapped while she's draped over a tree or stretched out on a sandy beach.
  • After the troubling events of the first season, Jason spent a portion of season two studying with the Fellowship of the Sun, a paramilitary religious movement angling to wipe out vampires.
  • Hannah's eyes widened, and she rose, angling her past the butler and a maid dusting a painting to the second floor.
  • The article Fisheries deals with the subject from the economic and commercial point of view, and Angling with the catching of fish as a sport.
  • They added "that the public at large have only to know that their rights are imaginary to induce them also to be content with the extant system under which permission is very freely granted by owners of fisheries to the public for angling on the more frequented parts of the Thames."