Sentence Examples

  • Many are made from ceramic and they vary depending on the amps and the size that you will need for the specific model of Samsung microwave that you are repairing.
  • Similarly, electric guitar players use amps and pedals to delay, distort, modulate and modify the sound of the guitar until it is almost unrecognizable at times.
  • Again, this amps up the color factor quite a bit, so even if it's not quite as noticeable as a Valentine-themed nail, it's certainly sure to turn heads!
  • The Sahara (Santa Fe) dehumidifier is an industrial-strength dehumidifier that's powered by a standard 120-volt outlet and draws less than seven amps.
  • Commercial users will likely have to use a charger that runs at 10 amps or more while recreational users can get away with using a lower amp charger.