Sentence Examples

  • Amoeba r., Mayer, July 1843, T.
  • Any part of the cell cut off from the nucleus-containing part dies down: this is as true of nerve cells as of amoeba, and in regard to the neuron it constitutes what is known as the Wallerian degeneration.
  • (For the pathology see Digestive Organs.) Recently considerable advance has been made in our knowledge of dysentery, and it appears that there are two distinct types of the disease: (1) amoebic dysentery, which is due to the presence of the amoeba histolytica (of Schaudinn) in the intestine; (2) bacillary dysentery, which has as causative agent two separate bacteria, (a) that discovered by Shiga in Japan, (b) that discovered by Flexner in the Philippine Islands.
  • Ameba Proteus References:- Harrison, D. ( 1957 ) A technique for obtaining clone cultures of soil amoebae in sterile liquid medium.
  • A group of small limax amoebae from fresh and sea water some of which produce cysts, flagella or both.

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