Sentence Examples

  • The Cryptomonadaceae also are unicellular, and live free or in colonies.
  • The thallus may be unicellular or multicellular.
  • The spores of Monospora are by some regarded as unicellular propagula.
  • Before leaving the Chlorophyceae, it should be mentioned that the genus Volvox has been included by some zoologists (Btitschli, for example) among Flagellata; on the other hand, certain green Flagellata, such as Euglena, are included by some botanists (for example, van Tieghem) among unicellular plants.
  • In Actinians the epithelio-muscular cells of the endoderm are crowded with yellow spherical bodies, which are unicellular plants or Algae, living symbiotically in the tissues of the zooid.

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