Sentence Examples

  • When a homogeneous polynomial is transformed by general linear substitutions as hereafter explained, and is then expressed in the original form with new coefficients affecting the new variables, certain functions of the new coefficients and variables are numerical multiples of the same functions of the original coefficients and variables.
  • Discriminants.-The discriminant of a homogeneous polynomial in k variables is the resultant of the k polynomials formed by differentiations in regard to each of the variables.
  • THE Theory Of Binary Forms A binary form of order n is a homogeneous polynomial of the nth degree in two variables.
  • An expression denoting that two or more monomials are to be added or subtracted is a multinomial or polynomial, each of the monomials being a term of it.
  • And i can be a univariate polynomial over F, then the result is a polynomial in the same variable.

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