Sentence Examples

  • Dohm to publish in 1781 his epoch-making work, On the Civil Amelioration of the Condition of the Jews, a memorial which played a great part in the triumph of tolerance.
  • The development of machinery, with surveillance over river-fishing, Bourbonnais ~LAt pisciculture and the amelioration of La ~
  • From the date of this settlement until 1792, Italy enjoyed a period of repose and internal amelioration under her numerous Forty- paternal despots.
  • Naturalists who deal specially with museum collections have been compelled, it is true, for other reasons to attach an increasing importance to what is called the type specimen, but they find that this insistence on the individual, although invaluable from the point of view of recording species, is unsatisfactory from the point of view of scientific zoology; and propositions for the amelioration of this condition of affairs range from a refusal of Linnaean nomenclature in such cases, to the institution of a division between master species for such species as have been properly revised by the comparative morphologist, and provisional species for such species as have been provisionally registered by those working at collections.
  • But the age of the ghetto (q.v.) had set in too firmly for immediate amelioration to be possible.

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