Sentence Examples

  • I could collar a dozen perps and someone'd bitch because I didn't line 'em up in alphabetical order.
  • The local FBI had stepped into the picture and hustled action on the body, tentatively identified as Billie Wassermann—perhaps on an alphabetical basis only.
  • The dates of the rest of the extant plays, here given in alphabetical order, are quite uncertain, namely, Amphitruo, Aulularia, Bacchides, Captivi, Casina, Curculio, Epidicus, Menaechmi, Mercator (probably later than the Rudens, as shown by F.
  • In normal circumstances, arrangement should be alphabetical by author, and alphabetical by title within the work of any one author.
  • This list is alphabetical by surname or single name (when only one given).

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