Sentence Examples

  • While the world of SEO can feel overwhelming because so many of the techniques and search engine algorithm rules seem like voodoo, you can find very economical search engine optimization firms by following the guidelines listed above.
  • Even though Yahoo doesn't entirely focus its ranking upon just a fixed algorithm, it would be virtually impossible for Yahoo analysts to sift through the entire Internet to locate and identify high-value websites.
  • When someone performs a search for information, the search engine consults its database of indexed pages, uses an algorithm to determine which pages are relevant and returns the most relevant results.
  • What this means is that a single button corresponds both to the letter Q and the letter W, and then the on-board algorithm takes its best guess as to what word you are trying to spell.
  • People You May Know: Facebook also has a search algorithm that searches mutual friends, mutual interests, and mutual events that you share with others you've not "friended" yet.