Sentence Examples

  • It would be nice to know she could leave the ranch at will without leaving Cade afoot, but she doubted if she would be driving to town soon.
  • If I didn't bring a horse or something, I'd be afoot from then on.
  • As one result of the strike of 1890 a movement was set afoot by a number of enthusiasts, more visionary than practical, that has resulted in a measure of more or less disaster.
  • Finally the parties still in the trenches slipped away, and when dawn broke the Turks, who had first ascertained that something unusual was afoot from the explosion of a vast mine in the Anzac area, and from conflagrations on the beaches where the few stores to be abandoned were being destroyed, discovered that the invaders were gone.
  • They deemed that now, with organized rebellion afoot in the Turkish Balkans, was the opportunity to recover Macedonia and Thrace for division among themselves.

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