Sentence Examples

  • Certain venues will not allow some objects, such as aerosol sunscreen bottles, onto the premises.
  • To finish your project, Plaid also makes brush on and aerosol sealers in matte and gloss finishes.
  • Research has shown that the release of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) from aerosol cans, refrigeration systems and air conditioners have a direct impact on the stability of the ozone layer.
  • Oreck's optional Helios Shield permanent odor absorber captures and removes unpleasant odors, aerosol vapors and chemical fumes, making the air safer and more pleasant to breathe.
  • Bedlam Bedbug Insecticide Spray is a residual and aerosol spray, which means that it leaves lingering residue that effectively prevents future pest infestations.