Sentence Examples

  • The moulds are opened and closed by cams actuated by compressed air.
  • While forming and promoting his scheme, he was actuated by principles of political wisdom and by the purest patriotism.
  • There are three Li ting - typical methods: (I) A direct pull may be applied to the hook, either by screws, or by a cylinder fitted with is piston and rod and actuated by direct hydraulic or other pressure, as shown diagrammatically in fig.
  • The relay tongue, being perfectly free to move, can be actuated by a comparatively weak current.
  • In the same way the arrangements finally elaborated by Lodge and Muirhead consisted of a direct coupled antenna and nearly closed condenser circuit, and a similar receiving circuit containing as a detector the steel wheel revolving on oily mercury which actuated a siphon recorder writing signals on paper tape.