Sentence Examples

  • This book is worthy of note on account of the quaint and sarcastic humour of its numerous acrostic verses.
  • Besides his lyrical and satirical poems, he contributed many of the finest compositions to the liturgy (some of them with the acrostic "Shelomoh ha-gaton"), which are widely different from the artificial manner of the earlier payyetanim.
  • Both kinds of acrostic occur side by side in the Psalms. Psalm ex., an acrostic of the same kind as David's elegy, is followed by Psalms cxi.
  • May have suffered more in transmission than those which precede it-even to the extent of losing the acrostic form (like some of the Psalms and Nahum i.), besides half of its stanzas.
  • The repetition of the acrostic word, far more frequent in Psalm cxix.); and some disappear on revision of the text.

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