Sentence Examples

  • The little fly-sheet of Zorn l - for it is scarcely more - on the birds of the Hercynian Forest made its appearance at Pappenheim in 1745.
  • See Zorn, Wormser Chronik (Stuttgart, 1857); Fuchs, Geschichte der Stadt Worms (Worms, 1868); F.
  • Tarring, British Consular Jurisdiction in the East (London, 1887); Lippmann, Die Konsularjurisdiktion im Orient (Berlin, 1898); Zorn, Die Konsulargesetzgebung des deutschen Reichs (2nd ed., Berlin, 1901); v.
  • BRUMATH, or Brumpt, a town of Germany, in the imperial territory of Alsace-Lorraine, on the Zorn and the StrassburgAvricoart railway.
  • " Any state which undertakes to protect another assumes towards the rest of the world responsibility for its good behaviour - the more complete protection the more extensive the responsibility - and this responsibility involves a duty to interfere if need be " (Coolidge, United States as a World Power," p. 167; and to the same effect Liszt, Volkerrecht, p. 31; and Zorn, Volkerrecht, p. 45).