Sentence Examples

  • MANUEL RUIZ ZORILLA, D ON (1834-189J), Spanish politician, was born at Burgo de Osma in 18 3 4.
  • On the arrival of Amadeus in Spain, Ruiz Zorilla became minister of public works for a short time, and resigned by way of protesting against Serrano and Topete entering the councils of the new king.
  • Immediately after the restoration of Alphonso XII., early in 1875, Ruiz Zorilla went to France.
  • During the last two years of his life Ruiz Zorilla became less active; failing health and the loss of his wife had decreased his energies, and the Madrid government allowed him to return to Spain some months before he died at Burgos, on the 1 3 th of June 1895, of heart disease.
  • The zorilla, another purely African species, is found in the south of Tunisia.

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