Sentence Examples

  • Zoologically, there is no distinction between mice and rats; these names being employed respectively for most or all of the smaller and larger "mouselike" and "rat-like" representatives of the Muridae, whether they belong to the genus Mus or not.
  • Although the name llama properly applies only to one of the domesticated breeds, zoologically it is taken to include all the South American representatives of the Camelidae, which form the genus Lama.
  • The Philippines, politically speaking, and the Philippines, zoologically speaking, are not identical areas; Balabac, Palawan and the Calamianes being characterized by the occurrence of numerous Bornean forms which are conspicuously absect from the remaining islands.
  • Sulu and Tawi Tawi belong zoologically to the Philippines, but have 12 well-marked peculiar species, and many of the characteristic Mindanao-Basilan forms are lacking.
  • Dealing only with species zoologically known as ibex, the one nearest akin to the European kind is the Asiatic or Siberian ibex (Capra The Ibex (Capra ibex).