Sentence Examples

  • "Rabbit," which is now the common name in English, was for long confined to the young of the cony, and so the Prompt orium Parvulorum, c. 1440, "Rabet, yonge conye, cunicellus."
  • Yonge (1873).
  • Yonge, The Site of Old" James Towne," 1607-1698 (Richmond, 1904), embodying the results of the topographical investigations of the engineer in charge of the river-wall built in 1900-1901.
  • Editio princeps, Aldine, 1524; Casaubon, 1597-1600; Schweighauser, 1801-1807; Dindorf, 1827; Meineke, 1859-1867; Kaibel, 1887-1890; English translation by Yonge in Bohn's Classical Library.
  • The city is well laid out for the most part, the streets crossing each other at right angles; Yonge Street, the chief artery, running north from the bay, was constructed as a military road in 1796, and extends under the same name for upwards of 30 m.