Sentence Examples

  • (io) Tebul Yom (" immersed for.
  • Also connected with Prag was Yom Tobh Lipmann Heller, a voluminous author, best known for the Tosaphoth Yom Tobh on the Mishna (Prag, 1614; Cracow, 1643).
  • (7) Besah (" egg," the opening word) or Yom g ib (" good [i.e.
  • It appears, however, that Rabbinical writings use yom (day-of) zebul for the festival of a heathen deity; and Jastrow connects this usage with the meaning " house " or " temple," so that the meaning " Lord of the False Gods" might be arrived at in a different way.
  • This day, called the " Yom Ashoora," is held sacred on many accounts: - " because it is believed to be the day on which the first meeting of Adam and Eve took place after they were cast out of paradise; and that on which Noah went out from the ark; also because several other great events are said to have happened on this day; and because the ancient Arabs, before the time of the prophet, observed it by fasting.