Yean Definition

To bear young. Used of sheep and goats.
American Heritage
To bring forth (young)
Webster's New World
To give birth to (young); bear. Used of sheep and goats.
American Heritage

Origin of Yean

  • From Middle English *yenen, *ȝenen, eanen, from Old English *Ä¡eÄ“anian, Ä“anian (“to yean, bring forth young (usually lambs), bring forth as a ewe") (for the prefixed form, compare Old English Ä¡eÄ“ane (“yeaning")), from Proto-Germanic *gaaunōnÄ…, *aunōnÄ… (“to yean, lamb"), from Proto-Indo-European *hâ‚‚egÊ·nos (“lamb"). Cognate with Scots yean (“to yean"), West Frisian eandsje, inje (“to yean"), Dutch onen (“to yean"), Swedish dialectal öna (“to yean"). Akin also to Latin agnus, Greek ἀμνός (amnos), Old Irish úan (“lamb"), and to ewe. See also ean.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English iyenen, yenen from Old English geēanian ge- verb pref. kom in Indo-European roots ēanian to bear young

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

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