Sentence Examples

  • The loftiest peak is Yuruuba-yama (1998 ft.), the most picturesque Sen-zan (1519 ft.).
  • Important deposits of sulphur are worked at several localities in Japan, especially at the Kosaka mine in the province of Rikuchiu, and at Yatsukoda-yama, in the province of Mutsu.
  • Mount Morrison (14,270 ft.), which the Japanese re-named Niitaka-yama (New High Mountain), stands first, and Mount Sylvia (12,480 ft.), to which they give the name of Setzu-zan (Snowy Mountain), comes second.
  • These five mountains, Hari-zan, Hakumoshazan, Suisha-zan, Hoo-zan and Niitaka-yama, stand almost exactly under 121° E.
  • For wife he has the spirit of the clouds and waters, Apsaras, and by her became father of the first mortals, Yama and Yami.

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