Sentence Examples

  • X-ray studies may be ordered to identify the location of a foreign body if it is metal, such as a pellet from a BB gun or air gun, or to evaluate the nasal area for evidence of repeated fractures when abuse is suspected.
  • Plain film x rays normally take only a few minutes to perform and can be done in a hospital, radiological center, clinic, doctor's or dentist's office, or at bedside with a portable x-ray machine.
  • This walkthrough also specifically mentions some of the routine diagnostic procedures done in the office, including a 3-D digital x-ray machine that minimizes actual patient exposure to x-rays.
  • A veterinarian may run a routine battery of tests to diagnose cardiomyopathy, and these can include an EKG, an x-ray or ultrasound images to examine the shape and condition of your cat's heart.
  • The doctor may also order x-ray studies of the child's chest or sinuses in order to determine whether lung damage has already occurred or to make a baseline evaluation of the child's lungs.