Sentence Examples

  • Symptoms of acute wryneck are sudden development (often overnight) of pain and stiffness in the neck sometimes accompanied by muscle spasms that cause an individual to hold the neck at an angle to try to relieve the pain.
  • The causes of acute wryneck in older children and adults are not usually clear but seem to be related to wrenching the neck muscles, sleeping with the neck in an odd position or similar causes.
  • There is no sure way to prevent wryneck and congenital torticollis; however, care should be taken to avoid as much trauma to the child as possible during delivery.
  • It is the most common type of wryneck seen in young children and is different from acute wryneck, because it does not cause pain and does not resolve on its own.
  • Wryneck, also called twisted neck or torticollis, is a deformity in which the neck is twisted and held at an angle to one side.