Sentence Examples

  • In 1736 a smuggler named Wilson, who had won popularity by helping a companion to escape from the Tolbooth prison, was hanged; and, some slight disturbance occurring at the execution, the city guard fired on the mob, killing a few and wounding a considerable number of persons.
  • But you have your life and your duties to others and I must stop wounding your conscience and let you go your destined way.
  • During the final assault on the 19th of May 1521 a cannon ball struck him, shattering one of his legs and badly wounding the other.
  • The "Monitor" withdrew in the confusion consequent upon the wounding of her commanding officer; and the "Merrimac" after a short wait for her adversary steamed back to Norfolk.
  • On the 17th of March 1691 Leisler's force fired on the king's soldiers, killing two and wounding several.