Sentence Examples

  • A hero-worshipper with half-concealed doubts as to his hero is in an awkward position.
  • Nevertheless, if Cyrus was not originally a Persian and was not a worshipper of Yahweh (Isa.
  • In the latter usage it indicated not that the god was the lord of the worshipper, but rather the possessor of, or ruler in, some place or district.
  • To Thoreau this Concord country contained all of beauty and even grandeur that was necessary to the worshipper of nature: he once journeyed to Canada; he went west on one occasion; he sailed and explored a few rivers; for the rest, he haunted Concord and its neighbourhood as faithfully as the stork does its ancestral nest.
  • Ran and still run about naked, the industrious work man upon the Egyptian monuments is often nude, and the worshipper would even appear before his deity in a state of absolute innocence.