Sentence Examples

  • ` Kem i I n - Wor N rmatuly " ° stongnto ° Wood treet S.W.
  • In 1684 it was settled again and its name was changed to Wor-, cester because several leaders in the settlement were natives of Worcester, England.
  • As in every social scheme where the government is wor without real power, the weakest sought protection of the strongest; and the system of patron, client and journeyman, which had existed among the Romans, the Gauls and the Germans, spread rapidly in the 6th and 7th centuries, owing to public disorder and the inadequate protection afforded by the government.
  • Thus it is left to any man or wor i shi.
  • Hence it has come about that Schelling remains for the philosophic student but a moment of historical value in the development of thought, and that his wor for the most part ceased now to have more than historic interest.