Sentence Examples

  • The Americana country style home also draws enormous inspiration from nature such as woolen blankets, birch fire logs, and stormy winter grey skies, sheer muslin, cool linens and golden summer sunbeams.
  • Very small items of jewelry will get hidden under layers of heavy woolen jumpers and scarves therefore for an item of fall and winter fashion jewelry to really show it needs to be relatively large.
  • Most toggle coats are woolen, but not all, so if this is a factor for you, you may have to look a bit harder than most when purchasing a toggle coat.
  • This clever little accessory is a perfect piece to accentuate business wear, woolen coats, long gloves, or any ensemble that will have you out on the town.
  • Woolen robes: If you want to wear a cotton nightgown in winter, but you want to stay warm when you're around the house, a woolen robe is the perfect pick.