Sentence Examples

  • Daytime Wear: Although advertising certainly plays up the sex-appeal factor of the Live Luxe perfumes, since the musky and woodsy scents are tempered with notes of citrus and other fruits, it isn't necessarily an overly sexy scent.
  • Whether you choose the woodsy, fruity scent of Forbidden Fruit, the flowery allure of fresh flowers with Romance or the delectable scent of vanilla or cinnamon, the charisma of these body mists will not go unnoticed.
  • A woodsy tree can be covered in natural ornaments, such as nuts, fruit, pine cones, Sometimes, the more unusual the tree, the better its appearance and appeal.
  • Deep, dramatic and rich, it is a woodsy, heady blend that characterizes the charming mystique of the seductive male, and is marketed primarily to young men.
  • Available in the woodsy tones of either dark chestnut or ancient elm, it is an all-cotton coat with a notch collar, center vent and half-back lining.