Sentence Examples

  • Sweet Woodruff (Asperula) - A. odorata, which belongs to the same family as the Coffee Plant, is abundant in many parts of Britain, and worthy of the garden or shrubbery, especially in districts where it does not occur wild.
  • Focus Earth: Bob Woodruff of ABC News anchors a weekly newscast focused on environmental news including climate change and environmental policy.
  • In 1847 Brigham Young had succeeded Joseph Smith as president of the Mormons, and he held that position of veritable dictator until his death (1877); John Taylor succeeded him, and Wilford Woodruff in 1890 was chosen head of the organization; then Lorenzo Snow was president in 1898-1901, and Joseph Fielding Smith was elected in 1901.
  • These researches incidentally solved the constitution of coumarin, the odoriferous principle of woodruff.