Sentence Examples

  • Woodenware is the principal manufacture.
  • This stream furnishes good water power, and the village has manufactories of cotton and woollen goods, lumber, woodenware, gold and silver plated ware, carriages, wagons and screens.
  • There are grain elevators and various manufactories, among the products of which are cheese and other creamery products, flour, knit goods, pickles and canned goods, woodenware, washing machines and gloves.
  • There are also flour mills, tanneries (United States Leather Co.), patent medicine, furniture, coffin woodenware and wagon factories, knitting and spinning mills, planing mills, and sash, door and blind factories - the lumber being obtained from logs floated down the river and by rail.
  • Carnegie library, a hospital and manufactories of pulp, paper, lumber and woodenware.

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